Antique and Vintage Lighting

Our refurbished vintage and antique lighting come with a guarantee of British electrical compliance and safety standards. It is heartening to see antique and vintage lighting appreciated and even more so seeing it still looking great ten years or so after passing it on. On the reverse it’s always sad when people ask about a unique refurbished light some months after seeing it. Antique and vintage are generally unique.

Original Holphane Glass


An original Holophane Glass shade  rewired with modern 3 core wire to UK standards with new fittings and ceiling plate. B22/bc lamp holder

Body: height 6”/15cm width 7 ½”/19cm  £220

Vintage Brass 5 Lamp Chandeliers

Coming soon…

Telescopic Floor Lamp

Antique brass telescopic floor lamp wired for electric.

Telescopic Floor Lamp


Antique brass telescopic floor lamp, formally an oil lamp rewired to UK standards. Good casting detail in the capital and the feet. The quality of this antique brass will polish well. Currently seen with remnants of bronzing lacquer for a somewhat distressed look. Suitably heavy.

Body: Width 16”/41cm  Height to shade ring 62”/157cm £700

Antique Glass Small Shade


Antique decorative glass shade combined with modern fittings and rewired to UK standards. B22/bc lamp holder.

Body: height  7 ½”19cm  width 6 ¾”/ 17cm £170

Original Copper Desk Lamp

1930s original copper desk lamp or bankers lamp rewired for electric.
36cm tall, 29cm wide.

Copper and Steel Desk Lamp

1930s original copper and steel desk lamp or bankers lamp rewired for electric.
41cm tall, 31cm wide.

Arts and Crafts Lantern


Arts and Crafts style lantern from the 1930s. Rewired to UK standards. Sympathetic if not original, certainly old acrylic type fitted white shade. A characterful brass lantern of very good proportions and style. Ideal for doorways, halls and cloakrooms.

Body: height 13”/33cm width 10 ½”/27cm £280

Vintage French Milk Glass Lamp


Tiny antique milk glass lamp. Rewired for UK standards with B22/bc lamp holder and inline switch on very suitable braided flex. A charming lamp for any location. Seen with our 5 ½” fitted clip shade £35, can be bespoke to your request price on asking.

Body of Lamp: height to shade ring  8 ½”/21cm width 2 ½”/6.5cm . Over all height as seen with shade 13 ½”/34cm. £200

HE&Co Antique Candlestic

Antique candlestick converted to electric.
Hall mark HE&Co. Height 30cm to top of urn, 13cm wide at base.

Corinthian Column Oil Lamp

Antique corinthian column oil lamp. Quality brass with clean detail.
Wired for electric through reservoir. Dolly switch works. Height 62cm. width of reservoir 20cm, width of base 16cm.
Vintage Glass Snowball Lamps

Pair of Vintage Glass Snowball Lamps
£265 pair


A charming pair of vintage French Glass lamps from 1950s. Blue glass with white fleck texture. Rewired to UK standards with B22/bc lamp holders and very suitable braided flex and inline switches. Seen here with our  5½”pleated clip shade £40, which can be bespoke to your request. Priced on asking.

Body of lamp: height to lamp holder 5”/13cm width 4”/10cm. Over all height as seen with shade10 ½”/ 27cm. £265 pair

Tiny Lorraine Crystal Lamps

Pair of Tiny Lorraine Crystal Lamps
£250 pair


Very dainty pair of Lorraine Crystalerie marked lamps. Rewired to UK standards with Rose braided flex and B22 /bc lamp holders. Wonderful for any dressing table. Seen here with our 5 ½” fitted clip shade from £35, which can be bespoke to your request. Priced on asking.

Body of lamp: height to lamp holder7”/18cm  width 4”/10cm. over all height as seen 32cm. £250 pair

Pair of Vintage Chinese Style Lamps

Pair of Vintage Chinese Style Lamps
£300 pair


These lovely lamps reminiscent of colonial times are the vintage style for now. Finches and pomegranates on bright clean hexagonal ceramic set on original wood bases. Might be teamed with bright orange or yellow silk shades for a look oriental luxury.

PAT certified for UK.

Size: Body width 6 ¼”/16cm at base, height  to lamp holder 16”/41cm.   Sold as a near pair for £300.

Pair of Vintage Glass and Chrome
£475 pair


An unusual pair of mid-century lamps rewired to UK standards with transparent cable and in-line switches to maintain the modern style. B22 /bc lamp holders. Seen with small shade options of a 7” cone(from £35) on left and 7” graduated drum(from £30)on right. Shades can be bespoke to your requirements, price on asking.

Size: Body width7 ½”/19cm , height to lamp holder 9”/23cm.  £475 pair.

Vintage Murano Lamps

Two Vintage Val St Lambert Crystal Lamps
£300 Each


Gorgeous style from 1950s often copied by modern lighting suppliers. The quality of the lamp in structure and colour could not be bettered. Lilac on the left and Fuchsia on the right. Both lamps are signed and have original labels attached. Rewired for UK standards at the lamp holders (B22/bc), as Crystal bases are sealed units.

Size: Body width 4 ½”/11cm, height to lamp holder 11 ¾”/30cm. £300 each

Vintage Murano Slender Lamp

Vintage Murano or Val St Lambert Slender Lamp £300


Elegant Val St Lambert or Murano lamp from 1950s. Rewired through the lamp with transparent flex to UK standards with B22 /bc lamp holder. Seen here with our Fez shade (7”x6” from £30) in Rose Black silk outer and Shamrock silk inner. No signature or label but very obvious quality and old electrical parts removed. A rare treasure.

Size: Body width 5 ½” 14cm, height to top of original brass 14 ¼”/36cm. £300

Pair of Mid Century Murano Lamps

Pair of Mid Century Murano Lamps
£850 pair


Striking vintage turquoise crystal Murano lamps sold as a pair. These are the most gorgeous of Murano lamps and fantastic to have survived as a pair. Original label on one. Rewired to UK standards with in-line switches and suitable braided flex. B22 /bc lamp holders. Great for anywhere. Unlikely to be seen again.

Size: Body width 5”/13cm, height to top of original chrome top 10”/26cm.  £850 pair.